Sunday, March 20, 2011

BLW - What we've learnt so far - March

So we are loving using baby led weaning to feed Quinn solids.  I now have an innumerable amount of photos of him eating, and am just barely managing not to post all of them on Facebook for fear of boring people to death!
But suffice to say, it's working well for us.

Quinn is now 7 months and 1 week old, so has been on solids for about 6 weeks now.  We're just starting to introduce a second and third meal each day.  I wanted to keep a log of things we have learnt in our BLW journey so far for us to look back on and in case anyone is interested in trying it with their babes.

Things we have learnt so far
  • No food is ever as exciting as cats!  Seriously, all eating stops as soon as the cats appear and it's not even worth trying to get him back!  So now we wait till the cats have disappeared or gone to sleep.
  • Quinn can use a spoon now!  He's getting better at getting it into his mouth (sometimes via his chin or nose) and has started handing it back to me!
  • Mushrooms have skins!  Who knew?!  Colour me surprised.  Quinn devours mushrooms (we've tried button and portobello) with gusto, but is defeated by the skin.  Next time I'll be peeling them first.
  • We need a dog.  Seriously.  Cats are useless at cleaning up dropped vegetables!
  • Jarred food is SO easy, and sometimes tempts me away from BLW.  But sometimes it's just too hard to create 2-3 meals a day for him (and sadly many of ours are not nutritious enough for him) and I'm refusing to feel bad about it.  I'm trying to stick to fruit or custard-y meals since most of his other meals are veges.
So that's the update for now, but of course, any post is useless without pics!

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