Sunday, March 6, 2011

I suck at cooking

Let's be honest, cooking well is a skill.  And not one I have.  Spices scare me (or rather, the possibility of getting the combinations wrong scares me), recipes with more than 6 ingredient I find daunting and, to be brutally honest, I'm pretty lazy!  All of these reasons combined start to explain why I'm such an average cook.

I should qualify at this point, I'm not a horrible cook.  I don't burn water, I can cook a white sauce from scratch and no-one has ever died from eating my cooking (let's hope I can still say that at the end of this year).

But I've decided that 2011 will be the year I learn to cook. I have made a list of dishes I want to try (you can see if by clicking on the The Dishes link at the top of the page to keep up with what I plan to, and have already cooked.  I'll be updating the list as I go. 

I'll also be posting about my son Quinn, who is learning to eat solids.  Quinn is 6 months old (and gorgeous, amazing, funny, the list goes on . . .) but I want him to love eating healthy food.  So part of the reason I want to make healthy good for is for him.  We're introducing him to food via Baby-led Weaning, which means he doesn't get spoon-fed purees, he gets to experiment with feeding himself from the start.  If you're interested, I've posted some info on BLW on the BLW link above.

So, thanks for reading!  Feel free to comment, teach, suggest . . . I'm open!  Hopefully we'll enjoy this journey together!

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  1. Good luck Jade. I suck at cooking too so I will be following along and maybe learning a thing ot two as well.