My Mission

So basically, when it comes to cooking, I suck.  I think it's a combination of laziness and lack of interest, but I've never really pushed myself to try.  Recipes scare me!  The lists of spices alone send me into spasms of panic - what if I miss one out, add the wrong one, add too much . . . the possibilities are endless!
But now I find myself interested in cooking, and expanding my skills.  My son is now 6 months old and eating solids.  I don't want him growing up eating the simplistic (and not terribly healthy) food that his father and I have been eating.  On top of that, I have just under 5 more months of maternity leave, which allows me to be at home and experiment!

So my mission for this year (2011) is to cook things I've never cooked before!  To push past the fear and the lack of skills (and necessary equipment!) and create something akin to culinary genius, or at least something edible!